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Grouting Tools

Squeegees, Sponges & Spreaders.

Grouting tiles is easier than you'd believe, and taking your time on this part of the job can be the key to a nice, tidy looking professional wall tile or floor tile installation.

Use a squeegee to spread the grout over the whole tile, working into the joints as you go. Allow the grout to semi dry. Using a damp sponge wipe off the grout. Wait until grout film turns to a dusty finish and buff off with a cotton cloth.

For coloured grouts or tiles that need sealing, use of a sealer before grouting is advisable. Test in a small area or spare tile first. Full details in our blog.

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  1. Diy Tiling Sponges


    each inc VAT
    • Used for grouting & cleaning up grout
    • PSG162 - Large floor sponge (TOP) 190 x 140 x 60mm
    • TGS532 - DIY tile sponge (BOTTOM) 150 x 95 x 55mm
  2. Tile Rite Corner Float

    £6.50 each inc VAT
    • A handy mini grout float ideal when grouting in hard to reach areas such as behind radiators etc.
    • Lightweight
    • White gum rubber face bonded to a dense rubber pad
  3. Professional Washboy Set

    £59.99 each inc VAT
    • Makes cleaning off excess wall & floor grout from tile installations quick & easy
    • 23 Litre red plastic bucket
    • Grip moulded handle
  4. Pointed Grout Float

    £16.50 each inc VAT

    • Lightweight pointed float for precision grouting (wall & floor)

    • Ideal for use on internal corners

    • White face bonded to a dense rubber foam

  5. Rite Grout Float

    £11.50 each inc VAT
    • Lightweight float for wall & floor tile grouting
    • Easy to clean and durable
    • White face bonded to a dense rubber foam
  6. Rite Grout Float Aluminium

    £11.50 each inc VAT
    • Lightweight float for wall & floor tile grouting
    • Easy to clean and durable
    • White face bonded to a dense rubber foam
  7. Dual Purpose Spreader

    £3.98 each inc VAT
    • Tough dual purpose adhesive / grout spreader
    • 10 x 5 notched plastic handle for adhesive application
    • 178mm flexible white rubber blade for grout spreading
  8. Dual Purpose Tilers Sponge

    £2.99 each inc VAT
    • Dual sided sponge
    • Ideal for cleaning up grout
    • Rounded edges
  9. Grouting Bag

    £6.50 each inc VAT
    • Designed for the clean and easy application of grout
    • Less mess than conventional grouting as it enables grout to be directed into tile joints with less need for cleaning
    • Ideal for riven tiles or tile surfaces that are hard to clean
  10. Professional Hydro Sponge

    £3.50 each inc VAT
    • Specially formulated hydro sponge to remove excess grout from tiles
    • Dimensions: 175 x 105 x 60mm
    • Retains less water so will not soak grout joints
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