Looking for the best way to renovate your bathroom tiles or kitchen wall tiles without spending too much money? The tiles you use can make or break the whole project. Strike the right balance between quality and price and you will create an impression of space and luxury. Get it wrong and all your hard work on the room can be undone, putting aside potential maintenance issues, cheap looking tiles = cheap looking room - no matter how expensive the fixtures and fittings are.

In store (tile shop) deals

It is possible for you to find cheap bathroom tiles but it depends on how much effort you are willing to put into looking for them. There are many tile shops that stock a large range of wall and floor tiles and they are all touting for your business. Perpetual tile sales are often a bit of a gimmick and it can take time to visit lots of showrooms, but this can pay off.

If you do find a deal in a store, at Trade Price Tiles we are sure we can beat it! Contact us to give us a chance.

Why buying tiles online is usually cheaper 

Increased competition, lower overheads and for bigger companies such as Trade Price Tiles massive buying power and directly imported stock. The web is very competitive as you probably know. We constantly check our prices and know we are cheaper than most of the big names. Even when you take into account delivery charges, we should still be significantly cheaper.

But when am I entering false economy territory?

Cheap tiles, the bad kind, are often either thin, or brittle or of inconsistent size. Thin tiles on a wall can be OK, as once fixed they don't carry any load. On a floor they will be less forgiving of the quality of the substrate or fixing job. Brittle tiles can be a pig to cut and shape, often snapping in the wrong place or giving a jagged cut. I know you may be thinking 'that's my tiler's problem' but you're paying for the tiles!

Another common problem is crazing. Crazed tiles will show little hairline cracks, often in a circular pattern. Once crazed there is no way back.

5 Tips to reduce your wall or floor tile cost.

  1. Border tiles - Mosaic borders are very fashionable right now, you can often buy a mosaic tile sheet for under £6. Cut into strips with a sharp knife (it's just a mesh backing) and you have 5-10 borders from one sheet. These types of mosaic borders look stunning too.
  2. Buy from our stock tiles. These are the ones showing 'usually despatched in 24 hours'. Often we hold huge stocks of these tiles and can sell them cheaper.
  3. Become a DIY tiling expert! Seriously. This can save you £20-£50 per square metre. Feel free to ask us questions, check the excellent diy doctor tiling forum, or check our own diy tiling tips. Most important - prepare and take your time!
  4. Keep your eye on our special tile offers, or if you're looking for a large quantity, contact us - we may give you a tiles voucher code for being cheeky! 

The best tip of all for buying tiles online

Don't want to waste your time trawling around the web researching and comparing, simple buy your Cheap Bathroom Tiles and Bargain Floor Tiles from Trade Price Tiles. We guarantee that all our tiles are 1st quality, well sourced and well specified. We reduce price, never quality.

OK - we are a little biased!

Don't forget - send us pictures of your finished projects, and we will publish them on our site. These give other shoppers Bathroom Tile ideas or Kitchen Tiling ideas.