Rip down those walls and tear up that flooring, because it's time to redecorate. If you recently renovated or are planning to renovate your home, save your extra tiles and wood and get ready to turn the old into something brand new. Check out some cool projects we found that can add that chic look to the rooms of your beautiful, revamped house.

up-cycle your DIY leftovers

Do-it-yourself projects like the ones above can require a great deal of work, but the feeling of accomplishment is so much sweeter when they’re finished. Leftover wood and tiles can be used on thousands of different projects, so find something that will suit your needs. This blog post was also featured on, where you can find even more eco-friendly projects and ways to help the environment!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve made with leftover materials from a renovation? Tell us in the comments!

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