Granite worktops are very popular these days and we often get asked if we sell them and which kitchen tiles compliment them. 

One of our staff recently had a very good experience with a granite worktop supplier called diapol.

Granite worktops, suppliers and methods

Because we sell kitchen floor tiles we are often asked for recommendations about suppliers of granite worktops but have usually shied away from suggesting anyone. But over the last few years a few regular customers and a member of staff have used a company called Diapol with very positive results.

A lot of suppliers attempt to keep the cost down by cutting and polishing the granite on site using mobile equipment rather than creating templates and processing your worktops at a factory. whilst this seems a good idea in practice it can be messy and inaccurate.

Diapol's method is to visit you and use CAD software to create electronic templates, which are then sent to their factory in Estonia which keeps their costs down but also ensures quality of finish is top notch.


So how did they do?

After hearing good things from customers, Amanda (one of our staff) decided to give them a try. The autoquote tool on their website quoted £1400 less than their nearest rival, which seemed too good to be true and put Amanda on her guard but she decided to book an appointment.

Upon arrival she was given a box of 100x100mm samples to select the granite whilst measurements were taken, this took about 30 minutes. Amanda chose star galaxy granite which is black with copper\gold flecks.

She was informed that the cut out areas could be left weak and so diapol cut into the granite at the back and insert steel rods for support, this seems a nice touch. The quote she was left with included fitting of the underfit sink and a timescale. The representative left without any sales 'push'

Delivery was delayed by 3 days but Amanda was informed about this over the phone, fitting was quick and without mess. The worktops were sealed and left to dry.

Amanda says "Since then its been a pleasure to live with, but needs regular cleaning using lithofin easy care and a microfibre cloth to look good. i'm glad i didnt go for the jet black as i'm sure it would have shown every mark! Over a year after fitting it still looks great. It would have been nice to see bigger samples but as i work with granite tiles I was used to seeing the type I wanted.".

Choosing kitchen floor tiles to suit a granite worktop

vicenza modular noce

A lot of customers speak to us wishing to closely match their granite worktop, and our advice is always the same - go for a contrast instead! the main reason for this is, as Amanda indicates that high gloss flooring can be a pig to keep clean as every smear shows. Instead consider a neutral natural stone tile with a slight texture or a natural stone effect floor tile from our range of kitchen floor tiles.

In general if you have gone to the expense of granite worktops you want these to be the 'feature' and the floor to blend into the background.

Amanda chose vicenza ivory multi size kitchen floor tile (shown on the left) one of our most popular kitchen floor tiles. The effect is to draw your eye to the sparkly tops and makes the kitchen itself stand out.


Perfect Granite Worktops and well suited Kitchen Floor Tiles....easy!

Full size pictures of Amanda's worktops are shown below. We would like to point out that we have no association with Diapol and are just reporting an experience of their service. Trade Price Tiles received no request or payment for this post, nor does it receive any payment or other incentive based on sales.