In our latest web exclusive offer we have reduced our top selling Etna metallic porcelain wall and floor tile by over 50% This is one of our best selling bathroom wall tiles at Trade Price Tiles and is now also beginning to prove popular in kitchens on both the wall and the floor. 

Etna Metallic Porcelain Wall & Floor Tile Range

This tile has a very unusual finish. The two darker colours Bronze\Brown and Black have a noticeable glittery shimmer which gives a very modern metallic look. Whilst these are very dark colours they are ideal for 'zoning' which is a very popular interior design technique.

Zoning involves using a contrasting colour to highlight a 'zone' such as a the shower enclosure, section behind your sink, or even on or two walls. Then tile the rest in the lighter colour to ensure your room stays light and modern.

This top selling premium Spanish porcelain is now available for £22.99 per square metre! Reduced a staggering £19 a metre.