metro blush range

The retro look is very much on trend at present, here at Trade Price Tiles we have an innovative range that enables you to create the desired retro look whilst also developing a modern theme and ensuring the interior design of your property reflects the design ideals of today. Our metro blush tiles are small brick-like tiles with bevelled edges which take their design style from the tiles used in old tube stations.

Standard Metro tiles can be found in all of the home and interior design magazines on the shelves today, and are immensely popular. We offer something that little bit different which is considerably harder to come by. Moving away from the flat colour can also be benificial from a cleaning aspect, flat gloss colours tend to show smears and marks more, introducing a bevel and a fade in the colour can help with this.

Our brand new metro blush bevelled range which come with a ‘blushed’ effect in the glaze, taking away the even high gloss colour and introducing a subtle fade or blush effect. This makes the tiles stand out even more, and are perfect for use in a trendy kitchen or bathroom of a 21st Century home.

50% off the price of the entire range!

What’s more, you can now get your hands on these great looking wall tiles at a bargain price, with 50% off the price of the entire range! Available in 200x100 and 300x100 in a selection of colours ranging from light grey or black through to tan, almond and white, you can create the twist of retro and modern at literally half the price!

Brick tiles were highly popular back in the 1930’s and like so many design trends from years gone by, are right back in fashion now. Taking their name from New York’s metro line on the world renowned subway, the use of the blushed effect within bevelled metro tiles is a truly fascinating way of introducing the retro appearance in your property with a very modern twist.

If you have any questions on our range Metro tiles or any of the other tiles in our collection, don’t hesitate to use our Live Support service for immediate assistance today.