Cutting slate tiles

To cut slate tiles you will need a cutter with a diamond edged blade, ideally a water-cooled one as this will cut down on dust and achieve a better standard of cut.  Our DIY Electric Tile Cutter is ideal. Do not try to cut slate with a traditional 'score and break' tile cutter.

Sealing slate tiles

Slate tiles will need sealing to prevent staining. They should always be sealed before and after grouting as this ensures that the grout doesn't stain the tile.

Before the initial seal, ensure you pre-clean the tiles. Ensure the tiles are thoroughly clean by using Lithofin MN Powerclean and\or Lithofin Cement Away. Once floor is dry seal as below.
Note: Lithofin Cement Away may not be used on all types of stone. try on a small area and contact us first if you are unsure.

To Achieve a Matt finish

Use Lithofin MN Stain Stop or its Eco equivalent. One coat before and one coat after grouting will achieve a matt finish.

To Achieve a Satin Finish

Follow the instructions for Matt Finish above and additionally apply 2-4 coats of Lithofin Multi Seal at least 2 days after grouting.

To Achieve a High Gloss Finish

For a high gloss finish use 2-4 coats of Lithofin MN Slate Seal instead of MN Stain Stop. Apply one coat before grouting and the rest afterwards.

General Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintain the floor using Lithofin Easycare, use as directed and use as frequently as you would a normal floor cleaner - it smells great too!. Do not use standard detergents as these may damage the seal.

You may need to periodically re-seal depending on the level of traffic.