Nuvola Brown

Picture the scene; your kitchen flooring desperately needs replacing, you have always loved the look of porcelain tiles but you don’t have the budget to buy the tiles of your dreams. Worry no more! Here at Trade Price Tiles, our Nuvola range, a new full bodied porcelain matt finish floor range is in stock right now with some of the best prices you will find on the market!

It’s easy to see why so many people go for tile flooring in the kitchen, what with it being easy to clean and maintain alongside adding considerable aesthetic appeal to the setting. This great Nuvola porcelain tile range is a cut above normal flooring, these tiles can be used on walls or externally either in domestic or commercial environments. Full bodied porcelain is one of the hardest wearing flooring materials available, this range truly provides a lifelong floor covering.

Similar to our popular Lounge porcelain tile range, the Nuvola tiles are a cheaper alternative yet you can be assured that they certainly don’t compromise in any way. Currently on sale with 50% off the original RRP, for just £21.99 including VAT per square metre, these tiles are guaranteed to be a cost effective investment that you will simply adore once they are installed.

Available in a variety of colours from grey through to beige and anthracite, the tiles come in large format 600x300 and 600x600mm sizes and have rectified edges which mean they are square cut allowing small grout joints (a very popular feature at present).

This range of tiles really is something special, you would be mad to miss out on them whilst we have them available at half price! For a kitchen or bathroom in a domestic or commercial property, the Nuvola porcelain tile range is a must have. Browse the selection today and choose the tiles that suit your decor and preferred tastes right now!!