There’s a vast array of consumer programmes naming and shaming cowboy builders, rogue traders and con artists in an attempt to stop them trading and to make us, the public, more aware of the risks. With a seemingly endless stream of dodgy tradesmen looking to make a quick buck at our expense, it’s no wonder that so many of us are thinking about turning to DIY for our home improvement projects. Here at Trade Price Tiles we are experts in floor and wall tiles for bathrooms and kitchens and think that undertaking your bathroom wall tiling work yourself is a brilliant idea to save money and keep those rogue traders away from your home. However, if you’ve never carried out any tiling work yourself then it can be difficult to know where to start and how to produce high quality results. The most important part of your project is actually in your choice of tiles; here at Trade Price Tiles we are tile specialists and have put together a quick guide to choosing the right tiles for your bathroom.

Quality as a Priority

Choose your tiles carefully. It’s essential that you choose high quality wall tiles from a supplier you can trust; if your tiles are substandard, the overall finish of your bathroom will be inferior no matter how well you’ve completed your tiling.

Does The Size Of The Tile Matter?

When it comes to wall tiling, the size of your tiles is incredibly important. To use large tiles you need flat walls and if your walls are uneven you should opt for smaller tiles as they will be much easier to lay and the tiles won’t kick up. You can easily test how flat your walls are by placing a long piece of material such as wood that you know to be straight against the walls and look for gaps. If you’re looking for high quality wall tiles in a range of sizes and styles for your bathroom DIY project, here at Trade Price Tiles we should be your first port of call; the quality and level of choice you’ll find here is second to none. Why not browse our website to see for yourself the impressive collection of wall tiles available?