Not sure you can do it? If your a competent DIYer then chances are you can. All you require is the right kit, the right advice and enough patience. Follow these golden rules and you CAN tile your bathroom or kitchen yourself and save pounds.

The right kit

tiling a bathroom - kit

You need a good tile cutter big enough to cut your chosen tiles. The golden rule when using a tile cutter is only 'scribe' once. do it twice and you'll chip the wheel. Take your time when breaking the tile, gradually applying pressure.

You'll also need a notched tiling trowel, usually 6-8mm. checkout our economy range. Use this to spread the adhesive, doing it this way creates suction and ensures good adhesion. Don't 'spot' the tiles instead.

Consider a water cooled tile cutter, but only use this for shapes. A 'normal' tile cutter is always better for straight cuts.

You'll also need a squeegee and sponge for grouting, a silicone gun for sealing, spacers and tile trims for corners.

For adhesive if your tiling a wall and your tiles are smaller than 300x300mm you can use a ready mixed bucket adhesive. You can tile directly onto plasterboard or plaster providing you prime with an acrylic primer. Never use PVA. For larger tiles you must use a powdered adhesive as these are cement based and stronger. Tiling directly onto plasterboard or tile backer-board after priming is best here as they support more weight. Check out our tile adhesives and grouts page and don't be afraid to ask us advice.

For wooden floors checkout our blog post on tiling a wooden floor.

The right advice

tiling a bathroom - advice

Tiling advice is all over the internet, so I won't re-invent the wheel here, but time spent researching is never wasted. We'd suggest you use the following resources and of course as us as many questions as you like. Use our contact us page to ask the questions.



tiling a bathroom - patience

 I cant emphasise this one enough - TAKE YOUR TIME. Prepare your surfaces properly. Have all your kit handy, follow manufacturers instructions and ask questions.

After you start, If your getting bored or tired and find yourself taking short cuts then stop. If you miss-cut  a tile but consider using it anyway then stop. If you don't then you will make a mess and you will regret it.


So...Should I tile my own bathroom?

You need to be honest with yourself. Are you a competent DIYer? Do you have patience? if you are then you can get the tiles, sundries and kit from us followed by all the advice you require and make a complete success of tiling your bathroom.

If you you can't answer those questions with an honest 'yes' then read the advice anyway, order your tiles online with us and get searching for a good tiler - at least if you have read up you'll know if the tiler knows what he's talking about.

Look out for our tiling tips series of posts coming soon. They will aim to first cover the basics but then go beyond and describe the real secrets to top class DIY tiling. If your tiling a bathroom wall or floor then you can'[t afford to miss them.