Having a carpet is a pain. Whilst they look stunningly attractive for the first half an hour, they quickly become traps for dirt, fluff and all sorts of other undesirables. Entangled in its web of contrived stitching, the hoover is about as effective as a dishcloth at Glastonbury, and getting down on your hands and knees is a world of back-ache inducing futility. What’s more, removing the inevitable presence of red wine and other such stains involves either dyeing the rest of your carpet scarlet or buying an industrial cleaner that will cost an arm and both legs, and will ruin the general aesthetic of a fluffy, cushioned carpet. The answer? Why beautiful, durable floor tiles from Trade Price Tiles of course! 

Commonly used in the kitchen, but advantageous throughout the home, tiling is the future of flooring, as, with modern manufacturing techniques, not only do they come with accessibility in mind across the board, they’re also comfortable to walk on, and if combined with underfloor heating at the time of installation  they can be warm as well. 
With increasing popularity, tiles are undoubtedly the modern flooring solution, and can result in a unique expression of personality in the home that perfectly matches your furniture. Doing something different with the idea, say, living room or hallway tiles can make for an elegant overall aesthetic, which you can lord over your friends and visitors. 
Whilst enjoying having a better looking home than everybody else you know, you’ll also feel the ever-present maintenance benefits, as, when you simply sweep or mop a tiled floor, all the dirt that’s built up over time goes with it, in an effortless glide this makes them ideal for those allergic to dust or other nasty’s. They’re easy to install, durable and last as long as you do, no matter how often the kids play on it, or how many times a glass of wine inadvertently leaps from your unquestionably steady, and not the least bit intoxicated hands.
Here at Trade Price Tiles, we’re committed to bringing you the best tiling solutions, be it floor or wall tiles for any room in the house. With our unbeatable prices that really must be seen to be believed and a professional service that listens to your exact requirements, before advising you on colour, suitability and if you’re laying them yourself, advice on everything else you will need to make the job easy. Why not chat to our online customer service team today?