Ape Arizona Porcelain Tile

When renovating or refurbishing the home, the introduction of tiles either on the floor or walls is a very popular addition and can go a long way to significantly improving the appearance of the area. There are however a number of different tiles in various styles available to you, so we at Trade Price Tiles thought we’d look in detail at just one type of tile, the porcelain tile, and run through the benefits that such tiles can bring to your property.


Stunning Style

On completing a home improvement project, you obviously hope to achieve a major upgrade of the overall appearance. In general tiled areas look expensive and sophisticated but porcelain tiles, in general have a look and feel that sets them apart. Whats more, as they are the hardest type of tile available they will maintain this appearance for years and years. Porcelain tiles come in a wide variety of different designs and are often available in much larger sizes than ceramics, they are ideally suited to any area; kitchens and bathrooms through to conservatories and outdoor areas.

Porcelain tiles are ideally suited for use as a flooring where the benifits of  their hard wearing nature can be taken advantage of, but they do also offer you the chance to use the same tile on your walls to keep the whole area matched. With slate, marble and stone effect porcelain tiles on offer, you can get the high quality appearance you would expect from the real materials at a fraction of the price; a win-win situation!

Long Lasting

Everyone wants features within their homes that are going to last, tiles made of porcelain exceed every expectation in this area. Porcelain tiles are generally made using a fine porcelain dust which is mechanically compressed using huge forces and then fired at high temperature to form a tile, this process results in a tile that has a very high density and scratch resistance, meaning they are far less likely to crack, chip or fade, in fact if properly laid you can literally park your car on them without concern. All of this means that you dont need to worry about your new tiles wearing out anytime soon, in fact most porcelain floors will easily last a lifetime.

The manufacturing process described above also has another positive side effect; the resulting tiles are very low porosity compared with most ceramic tiles. This means that most porcelain tiles are frostproof. A frostproof tile can be used externally as a patio tile or wall cladding, allowing you to create a seamless transition from internal to external design.

Easy to Maintain

We all love things that don’t take a great deal of looking after; you will be pleased to know that porcelain tiles come to the fore in this category too! Thanks to their low moisture absorbency rate, liquids spilt on the tiles can be wiped away very easily without the risk of them leaving a stain*. Regular cleaning needs nothing more than an occasional mop (ideally using lithofin easycare). It is perhaps for this reason that porcelain tiles that imitate wooden, stone, marble, travertine or slate tiles are becoming so popular, they look as good (if not better) than the real thing, they don't degrade over time and need very little maintenance when compared to the real thing.

Here at Trade Price Tiles, we have a huge range of tiles made of porcelain in our collection, including the impressive Lounge range, the excellent Nuvola range and the ever popular Galeria range all at substantially reduced prices. Browse through our website to pick a style that suits you and experience the benefits of quality porcelain first hand.

*some unglazed porcelain tiles should be sealed before and after grouting, once sealed maintenance is the same as glazed porcelain. Nano polished unglazed porcelain does not require sealing.

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