montana high gloss wall tileTiles have long been used around the home to add a touch of style to a room, however when it comes to gloss finish tiles, there are certain areas whereby their design and functionality are particularly effective. As suppliers of a range of high gloss finish tiles in a wide variety of designs and colours, we at Trade Price Tiles thought we’d run through a  few of the locations in your home where you will get the very best out of this particular type of tile finish.



Tiles are commonplace in bathrooms, however the gloss finish tiles can add an extra dimension when they are installed on the walls or around your shower unit. High gloss tiles reflect light and are incredibly easy to clean, if you have a small space then tiling using a light, high gloss tile can transform the room. If flooring is under consideration, please give extra thought to slip resistance - wet, high gloss floor tiles and you children really do not mix!

Maintenance wise, you'll just need a quick wipe with a damp cloth to remove water marks (more visible on darker tiles) or soap scum, you won’t have to worry about their appearance being affected by the environment within your bathroom either, tiles don't fade!


The ease at which gloss finish tiles can be cleaned also makes them a popular addition to kitchens. splashbacks and the kitchen area in general are ideal for glossy tiles as they will first and foremost look great, whilst also doing the job asked of them and be incredibly easy to clean and wipe down afterwards.

High gloss flooring in a kitchen can work well. Again slip resistance should be a consideration but as kitchens are not regularly wet you can consider a high gloss polished porcelain such as our Lounge range, or similar high gloss ranges.


A conservatory can be an ideal place for high gloss flooring. Often conservatories are bathed in natural light; choosing a dark gloss flooring tile can add a sense of class and remove the 'glare' associated with a light flooring that results in tired eyes very quickly. A dark grey, brown or black can make the room feel warm in the colder months and will blend perfectly with modern or traditional conservatory furniture. 

Our Range

At Trade Price Tiles, we have an array of gloss finish tiles available, view our tiles by tile finish page to quickly filter for the finish you require.