Java Pecan Wood Effect Tile

It’s no easy task to find a flooring that fits your personality and can withstand the test of time without scuffs and blemishes, especially in high traffic areas of your home. That’s where wood effect tiles come in. While hardwood flooring has traditionally been the pinnacle of ‘rich and fancy’ when it comes to visual appeal and design, modern techniques for creating wood effect tiles have made it possible to get that great look without the trouble.

1. Sturdy and Hygienic

If you have pets and children in a home with wood flooring, you’ll understand why it’s so important to go a different way this time around. Between the scratch marks, the refinishing, and the potential for water damage, it’s enough to drive even the most grounded person to the brink of insanity.

Wood effect tiles are built to last a lifetime. They’re hardly subject to the aforementioned deal breaking flaws that come with real wood floors and they’re easy to clean. This means no more staining, no more sanding, and no more having anxiety attacks when someone leaves a water cup on the floor.

2. Perfect Wood Look and Feel

Its easy to get envious of your friend’s gorgeous wood flooring, but then you hear about the issues they’re having and your dreams are crushed. All of these issues can be solved by using wood effect tiles instead, and visually you won’t be missing out, as mentioned before, wood effect tiles have come a long way. Faux wood floors that look like plastic and feel like you’re walking on symmetrical textured lines across the floor are a thing of the past.

Today’s wood effect tiles are created using a method that ensures wide ranging, natural looking variation across each tile and its semblance to real wood is uncanny.

3. The Cost

Treverk Mood Rovere Wood Effect Tile

While some real wood floors can cost in excess of £50m2 and laminates can cost over £40m2, while the wood effect tiles at Trade Price Tiles can cost as little as £18.99m2, which means you’ll have a great floor with money left over for other projects in your home. There’s no need to pay an arm and a leg for a luxurious looking floor.

4. The Installation

Instead of having to rip up the old flooring in your home, laying tiles over wood or other materials isn’t out of the question. Furthermore, like most tiles, it’s not hard for DIYers or self-builders to easily install them. Wood effect tiles are perfect for wet areas like a bathroom, whereas if you used hardwood flooring, damage will definitely occur.


Wood effect tiles are perfect for any area of your home, even where hardwood flooring typically can’t be used. Instead of investing in a floor that will be hard to maintain, try something that could last for a lifetime without nasty blemishes and possible water damage. Keep in mind that while some people may feel comfortable enough to lay wood effect tiles on their own, it’s always helpful to get a professional’s opinion before installing your floor.

What project could you use wood effect tiles for? Tell us in the comments!