Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are perhaps the most popular type of tile at the moment, overtaking the traditional favorite, the ceramic tile. This is in no small part due to the fact that they are harder wearing, available in an incredible array of designs and are usually available in a wider range of sizes and finishes.

Like ceramic tiles, porcelain is a man made type of tile, but they are fired under immense pressure and are usually from a porcelain dust. This pressure applied results in a tile that is dense, fine grained, smooth and incredibly hard; making them perfect for use in areas of harder wear. Their dense nature makes them less likely to chip and more suited to larger sizes.

Generally available in full bodied or glazed variations their very low water absorption makes them frost proof and so in most cases porcelain materials are suitable for external use.

Full bodied porcelain is a type that isn't glazed, the material and colour goes all the way through the tile and the finish is achieved via grinding and polishing. It is usually available in matt or polished finishes. , Glazed porcelain is available in an even wider choice of finishes such as satin and textured, and has a porcelain backing with a hard wearing glaze on top.

Tiles made of porcelain can be cut in the same way as ceramic tiles but as they are more dense it can be harder work, especially with poor quality brittle porcelain. Ensure the very best, buy from Trade Price Tiles every time.

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