Add the Beauty of Mosaic Tiles to Your Home

Mosaic tiles are some of the most dynamic tiles for decorating your home. Whether you use them to add a unique mosaic to your shower, a glimmering accent wall in your kitchen, or an art piece in your living room, mosaic tiles have a lot to offer.

Choose from our vast collection of discount mosaic tiles and start your new tiling project today.

Porcelain Tiles

Like ceramics, porcelain are a man-made type of tile but they differ in that they are fired under immense pressure and are usually made from a porcelain dust. The pressure results in a tile that is dense, fine grained, smooth and incredibly hard; making them perfect for use in areas of higher traffic. Their dense nature makes them less likely to chip and more suited to larger sizes. Tiles made of porcelain can be cut in the same way as ceramic tiles but as they are more dense it can be harder work, especially with poor quality brittle porcelain.

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