Travertine Tiles

Travertine is a very popular material for tiling due to its smooth, easy to cut texture that almost feels soft to the touch. Available in a mixture of tumbled, honed or honed and filled finishes it is actually created by water travelling through limestone and emerging as hot springs, then quickly cooling.

The process of creation results in a very rich texture and deep cream or beige colours. Small shells are often visible within the finish.

Travertine wall & floor tiles

Travertine has gained a bad reputation in some quarters as a lot of poor quality stone has flooded the market. This cheap travertine often has large voids in the tile and is sometimes sold as honed and filled travertine but usually contains more filler than stone. Don't assume that this rubbish can only be found in dodgy shops or online, we have seen instances of large high street chains selling it at high prices. Good quality travertine still has some small 10-20mm holes, but they add to the texture and should have been properly filled and honed before being sold.

This type of stone requires sealing. Light colours should be fixed with a white adhesive. Travertine is suitable for use on walls and floors

Cream Tiles

Cream is a colour that is often thought of as a peaceful, warm, soothing colour and that’s why so many people choose it for their tiles. Often people want something striking in their bathrooms, kitchens or whichever room they are tiling. However, if you start with a neutral, light base colour then you can choose accessories to complement the colour. Cream is an easy base colour and makes it easy to develop an accessories palette.

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