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No More Ply 6mm Tile Backer board 1200x600mm

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For Tiled wooden floors that last for years! - forget plywood, chipboard, mdf etc.

No More Ply backerboard is the perfect solution for over-boarding chipboard or floorboards prior to floor tiling and stud and solid walls prior to wall tiling. It is great for tricky surfaces like brick and old concrete too.

Everyone has their opinions on how to tile a wooden floor, over the years solutions have come and gone as tiles have lifted and cracked. No more ply is the definitive answer to all your wooden floor tiling problems. Use 'no more ply' over floorboards or chipboard, then fit your tiles with a flexible adhesive and you'll have a long lasting floor to be proud of.

Tile Backerboard is impervious to moisture and very stable. The perfect substrate for all kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles and has great sound proofing capabilities - especially useful for flats and apartments. When used with underfloor heating its insulation qualities enhance the effect of the heating and reduce your underfloor heating costs.

Available in easy to handle 1200 X 600 sheets this tile backer board is also easy to cut using No More Ply's Scoring Knife or a jigsaw for shaped cuts. No more ply is inexpensive, simple to fix and fast to lay. 

Perfect for tiling on wooden floors - see our blog entry on tiling a wooden floor. Full details on no more ply's website.

Why overboard your floor?

All wooden floors move and flex, some more than others. The greater the span, or width\length of your floor, the more it will flex. Some wooden flooring materials move more than others; chipboard and thin floorboards, often used in newer houses flex the most.

When a substrate moves, the tiles have to move with it, but often the adhesive would crack due to this movement. Flexible adhesives combat this problem well however tiles cannot flex and so often crack. 

Overboarding with a concrete backer board like no more ply strengthens your floor to reduce the movement and so prevents flexibility in the floor from cracking your tiles. Its cheaper and thinner than overboarding with ply and easier to cut and handle.

The benefits of No More Ply

  • Thin - adds just 6mm to floor height 
  • Noise reducing
  • Easy to transport and cut
  • Cost effective
  • Very easy to fit
  • Impervious to moisture
  • Heat resistant - ideal for use with underfloor heating
  • Impact resistant
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Excellent product and great service.
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  • Value for money
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Good quality dense backer board BBA Certified half the price of local suppliers
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  • Value for money
  • Quality
Customer service by amanda was great, will use you again.
Used this at the weekend in my bathroom, could feel the difference in the floor as soon as it was fitted. tiling over it was easy.
Cutting and drilling was quite tough, used a masonry bit in the end.

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Customer Questions
By Nathan 23/06/2018

How many screws per board?

By Trade Price Tiles Team 23/06/2018

8 screws are needed per board. thank you. Kind Regards, Amanda

By Terry 27/11/2017

how many of these would i need please for approx 55sq metres,

By Trade Price Tiles Team 27/11/2017

Good afternoon Terry, Each board covers 0.72 of a square metre. So you will need 77 boards. I hope this helps. Kind Regards, Amanda

By Katrina 18/11/2017

Hi If fixing to wooden floor boards do I use screws or the adhesive? and once laid do I need to seal it and if so with what - before laying tiles with adhesive ? floor area to cover is 14m2 thank you

By Trade Price Tiles Team 18/11/2017

Hello, If fixing to wooded floorboards you glue AND screw them down. Once laid you can seal with tilers primer, but that isnt always required. It depends a lot on the adhesive you are using. for 14m2 You will need 11 boards, approx 100 screws and 3 tubes of adhesive.

By Harry 19/04/2017

good morning could you please tell me how many boards to cover a floor of 16 metres 1200 x 600 board thank you

By Trade Price Tiles Team 19/04/2017

Good afternoon, For this amount of metres, this will be 23 boards as each board covers 0.72 of a metre. I hope this helps and anything further I can help with please let me know. Kind Regards, Amanda

By Duncan 24/03/2017

Been using 12mm ply on previous jobs But on this particular job they have a low to the ground front door so retricted in height. Would a 6mm no more ply give me the same strengh and firmness that a sheet or 12mm ply would.

By Trade Price Tiles Team 24/03/2017

Yes, assuming you are overboarding and not installing directly over joists. 6mm no more ply is a good alternative to 18mm ply when used over existing floorboards or chipboard.

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