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If you are shopping for wall or floor tiles you will begin to hear terms like porcelain, ceramic, mosaic & natural stone. Each different type of material has its relative merits and recommended uses so where should you start?

By browsing our massive range of tiles by material you can easily see the differences and the descriptions the descriptions below and on each page will help you to understand which type you should be looking for.

Slate and Quartzite are very similar, they require occasional sealing but produce a gorgeous distinctive tiled floor or wall. Both are fine grained rocks formed from clay & shale deposits, both are very hard wearing and both can lend your home a warm, expensive touch. At Trade Price Tiles all our natural stone is ethically sourced and of the highest quality.
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Travertine is the material of the moment, formed in hot springs as water travels through limestone the texture and warmth of travertine is unrivalled by its peers. Fossil rich and in warm earthy colours, travertine can add a softer feel to your installation.
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Porcelain tiles, formed under pressure are dense and incredibly hard; making them perfect for use in industrial or heavy domestic areas. Tiles made of porcelain can be cut easily but poor quality brittle porcelain can make this hard work. Ensure the very best, buy from Trade Price Tiles every time.
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Limestone is a rock formed over millennia from compressed shells and small skeletons deposited on the sea bed. The presence of fossils and the overall warm texture provides limestone with a character other materials can't imitate. Limestone has a smooth finish that adds to the ambient light found in the room.
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Glass tiles are very useful for feature areas & borders due to their wide and vibrant colour range. Often available in glitter finishes with deep colours, glass mosaics can be an ideal way to make a bold statement.
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Ceramic wall and floor tiles are made from clay fired in a kiln which is finished with a durable glaze to produce colour and texture. The glaze ensures that just a simple wipe keeps your tiles clean and that sealing is not needed.
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