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Fashions in wall and floor tiles change, just like any other interior or exterior product. In the last few years very large tiles, brick tiles & mosaic tiles have all increased in popularity. Putting fashions aside for a moment which size should you use to enhance natural space and light? are you unsure if small tiles will clutter your nice new kitchen? Choosing the right size tiles isn't as confusing as it may first seem.

Contrary to popular belief, using small tiles doesn't always make a room look bigger. Small tiles create more joints all of which catch your eye, this distraction can actually make a room feel smaller. Medium or large sized tiles, in plainer styles are ideal for enhancing a feeling of space. If this is a little boring for your tastes use a lively mosaic border or feature section; behind your sink is ideal for a nice 500mm wide mosaic feature.

Small tiles in bold colours, or brick shaped tiles can work extremely well in kitchens, but don't rule out very large metallic tiles or medium tiles in bolder colours. Brick shaped doesn't mean small either, some of our feature ranges such as the wake range are 600x150mm and look stunning in a kitchen.

Our extra large range covers some eye popping designs from premium manufacturers. Extra large goes from 600x600mm all the way up to tiles that are 2000mm long. Perfect for use in many locations, these are an ideal way to get a premium look, with minimal joints.
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Big, bigger, large and quite simply huge! Tile choices have changed so much over the years. Most of our staff remember when a 200x250mm tile was considered oversize, but these days our range includes so many 600x600mm and larger tiles we have lost count. Our range of large size tiles covers everything over 600x300mm, but smaller than 700x700mm for use on floors and walls in your bathroom, kitchen, living area or conservatory.
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We consider anything under 600x300mm to be a medium or mid sized tile. Wall and floor tiles of this size are probably the easiest to fit given that most standard cutters can handle them easily. For a first time DIY'er the tiles in this range are a good consideration. Fitting these high quality tiles in your bathroom or conservatory need not break the bank and are a great balance between ease of fitting and modern asthetics
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Small tiles are a great way to make a feature of an area, or to lift a bland or contemporary kitchen into something really special. Small tiles mean lots of joints which draws the eye to the area. Bold colours, high gloss, textured or natural finishes or even mixing several colours is a great way to introduce warmth and interest into a tiled area.
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Mosaics, strips and other tiny tiles are great for creating a feature in an otherwise boring bathroom or kitchen or stunning between kitchen units. Use mosaic tiles to create features such as drops, inlays and borders in your room. Bold colours and materials such as glass, chrome, slate and others are ideal to add timeless texture and sparkle! Split face stone & strips in slate, limestone and travertine a can be used to create a stunning natural looking feature.
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