Trowels & Grouting Tools

Trowels, Squeegees, Sponges & Spreaders.

For laying tiles you will need a notched trowel to spread the adhesive properly, the notch ensures that the adhesive is laid to a uniform thickness and ensures good coverage on the tile.

Grouting tiles is easier than you'd believe, and taking your time on this part of the job can be the key to a nice, tidy looking professional wall tile or floor tile installation.

Use a squeegee to spread the grout over the whole tile, working into the joints as you go. Allow the grout to semi dry. Using a damp sponge wipe off the grout. Wait until grout film turns to a dusty finish and buff off with a cotton cloth.

For coloured grouts or tiles that need sealing, use of a sealer before grouting is advisable. Test in a small area or spare tile first. Full details in our blog.

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